Founded by Hong Kong native Jenny and Frome native Neil, The Bubble Wafflery is a mobile wafflery that brings delicious Hong Kong street food bubble waffles to the West Country. With the idea of “when East meets West Country” in mind, we combine traditional Hong Kong street food with award winning West Country Marshfield Farm ice cream, sprinkled with magical toppings.


The idea of bringing bubble waffles to Somerset came from a bout of homesickness. Jenny missed her family in Hong Kong and familiar comfort food was the perfect remedy for homesickness. Ever since she was a little girl, bubble waffles were her daily after-school treat, and bring back fond memories of her childhood. Having seen bubble waffles starting to appear in major cities all around the world, we decided that Frome and the West Country needed to get in on the latest food craze too!


Traditionally Hong Kong people eat bubble waffles plain without sweet toppings. To add a West Country twist, we serve them with locally produced Marshfield Farm ice cream and retro English treats like Iced Gems, Jammie Dodgers and Party Rings. Our bubble waffles are nostalgic, fun and different!


The Bubble Wafflery was launched as a pop-up in Frome’s Resident in June 2017. We will be at various markets and pop-up in Frome, Bath and Bruton. Please follow us on Instagram @bubblewafflery for more information.



We will be at The Frome Independent every first Sunday of the month from April – December




Bubble Waffle

Marshfields Chocolate

Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Salted Caramel Sauce


Mini Oreos

Mini Marshmallow





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